sample, Stubborn Mule rose and green , size 5
sample, Stubborn Mule rose and green , size 5

sample, Stubborn Mule rose and green , size 5

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This is a genuine sample, that means that only one pair was ever made so get it while you can, it's unique! Please note this sample does not include the metal hook for the Poddy accessory that you will see on our regular  stock but the Poddy is still firmly attached. In addition it has one tiny blemish on one shoe, check the detail in the photo......this sample is sold as seen, sorry no Returns. However remember its the same high quality materials, the same manufacturing process, and the same attention to detail you always get with Poddy and Black....the only difference is there's only one pair. Sold as seen, sorry no Returns

Check out the product details on the regualr shop page if you need to know more about the Stubborn Mule style, but suffice to say this funky little back door shoe is loved by anyone who needs to nip in and out of the house with an easy slip on style.

This sample will be posted directly from our home to yours, it wont go through the warehouse ....we just want to avoid sending our lovely samples to landfill . It probably wont come in the standard Poddy and Black shoe box because our samples are packed differently, so expect it to arrive in a nice brown paper postage sack. If you know you are a size 5 at Poddy and Black then this one is for you.....there are no other sizes available.