Discontinued, Clever clog, Khaki size 6

Discontinued, Clever clog, Khaki size 6

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This one isnt a sample, but instead its a very rare example of an old style we no longer make....the Clever Clog. This may well be the very last pair of khaki coloured Clever Clog in exsitence so if you loved this style then get it while you can! Sold as seen, sorry no Returns

Check out the product details of the Stubborn Mule on the regular shop page if you need to know more about this style, as the Clog is almost the same as the Mule the only difference is the back is slightly higher on the Clog and so it holds your foot in place a nit more.

This sample will be posted directly from our home to yours, it wont go through the warehouse ....we just want to avoid sending our lovely shoes to landfill . Some of our discontinued products wont come in the standard Poddy and Black shoe box but at the very least you can expect them to arrive in a nice brown paper postage sack. If you know you are a size 5 at Poddy and Black then this one is for you.....there are no other sizes available.