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How to Floralise your Poddy

Floralized Driftwood Half-Cuts

Floralising your Poddy is really simple and fun.  Here's a quick guide to show you how.

Unboxing your new Poddy & Blacks

All of our boots and shoes come with a Poddy attachment. The Poddy is made of rubber and so is very bendy.

Choosing flowers to decorate your shoes

Pick some flowers or foliage from the garden. Watch out for very thick stems because you won't get these through the holes in the Poddy. If the stems are very thin however, you may need a couple in each hole to keep them secure.


We have found that bending the Poddy and lining up two holes makes it easier to thread the stems through.

Adding more flora to your Poddy & Blacks

You can always add a bit of foliage if they seem too loose, in fact, this can make them look more fabulous.


And there you have it!