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wool insoles in 3 colours
wool insole in orange
wool insoles in hessian colour
wool insoles in green
ankle welly with wool insoles
clog with wool insoles
clog with wool insoles
clog with woollen insoles
ankle welly with woollen insoles
ankle welly with woollen insoles

Woollen insoles

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Poddy & Black woollen insoles are an ideal accessory for your boots or clogs, and make a great gift for gardeners too. The natural wool insoles provide extra warmth and under foot comfort in the colder months of the year. In the warmer months they are amazingly good at wicking away moisture. In fact we wear ours all year round!  If you like to swap from thick to thin socks or have a skinnier foot you might also find these helpful to provide a snugger fit when wearing your Poddy & Blacks. 

The size and shape of our woollen insoles is made using a unique cutting tool especially made to fit out our products.  You could also buy these to fit into other existing footwear and trim them down if you wish. Choose from  three glorious colours to mix and match with our boots and clogs and enjoy another pop of colour as you slip them on. 


- 90% natural wool, plus 10% other fibres

- hand cut in Yorkshire in a tiny workshop

- hand wash as wool with like colours and dry flat 

- can be used instead of the natural latex foam sock that comes with your boots or use the 2 together for extra comfort.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR NON UK CUSTOMERS:  We recognise that the shipping costs for the wollen insoles on their own is relatively high, and so we suggest you order the insoles together with our fabulous boots as there will be no additional shipping costs to pay if you order in this way.