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Size and Fit

If you are a first time customer at Poddy and Black you might like to read through our suggestions about size and fit before you make your first purchase! Based on feedback from many customers, and remembering that not everyone's feet are the same, we have compiled this advice over the last year. 


Starting with the famous Half Cut, this fits rather like a shoe. The shoe comes up at the back and fits well at the heel and the front is high so it holds your foot in the shoe. This means its great for walking, and digging and offers good protection from splashes and wet grass.



The Half Cut is quite roomy across the width, but the length and size is true. If you normally take a half size we recommend going up to the next whole size. You will find that one of our perfectly shaped woollen felt insoles will help you get the fit just right, or even just wearing a slightly thicker sock!



Next up the Clever Clog which is lower at the back and the Stubborn Mule which is very low at the back. These are both very easy to slip on and off and so are perfect as a back door shoe ( we use ours as waterproof slippers to pop out and check the garden in the early morning or late afternoon!). Just like the Half Cut these two are true to size and a bit roomy across the width. They are all incredibly comfy!


Finally the Bossy Boot. Unlike the other two the fit on this style is slightly small. Its a bit narrower around the foot, however its quite wide around the calf so you can tuck jeans in easily. Details about the calf dimensions on the boots are included in the product details in the on line store. Lots of people have gone up a size when buying the Bossy Boot, bearing in mind you would probably wear thick socks with them.


All three styles are super comfy, the natural rubber is very soft, and they are totally waterproof!